Medical instruments implants for orthopedics and traumatology
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Let next to you will always be native people, because this is the real happiness ...


Accept the sincere congratulations on your professional holiday. May the God send you good health and strength for your courage. Thank you for everything, guardian angels in white coats!


In this wonderful holiday, I wish to cleared for all real treasured dreams, good health, laughter. Let in life will be more bright and colorful moments.

We have updated our web-site


Dear colleagues!

We welcome you to the new site Ltd. "Aster" and would like to briefly talk about his new opportunity. Previous site served us faithfully for several years, but it is technically outdated. Our new website became more modern, bright, helpful and, most importantly, more convenient to use. While many features are not yet available, some content is not available, but we work every day and try to quickly make a great site where you quickly and easily find the desired information.

You can comment on the site, make proposals and suggestions, any convenient way for you. We'll review everything.